From the Founder

Sightings of ghosts, spirits and entities have been recorded as long as the human race has had the written language. And by oral tradition long before that. And as long as there have been reports, there have been dedicated people out to try and find answers. What exactly is the paranormal? Why can some interact with the living and some are restricted? Can they see or hear us? Do they know that time has passed? Who are they and how did they end up where they are?

The Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania (affectionately called SPIRT of PA) is proud to join the modern paranormal field using modern scientific equipment and techniques in search of the truth. With over seven years of experience in the investigation field, SPIRT’s main purpose is to offer help to those who believe their homes or businesses are affected by the paranormal, focusing mainly on Southeastern Pennsylvania, South New Jersey and Delaware. While searching for age-old answers, we strive to help you find your own answers.

With over ten years experience we strive to best serve the community and our clients. All of our investigations are free of charge and strictly confidential. All of our investigators are trained and tested in our own training program to keep rigorous standards of excellence among our team. All investigations are conducted in a professional manner following strict protocols. Evidence is reviewed with a strong attention to detail and accuracy.

Our team looks forward to serving you in your paranormal needs. If you have a location that you’d like us to investigate, do not hesitate to submit using the form to the right. We’re always looking for new investigations and are here to help those who need us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

We’re also always looking for new and dedicated investigators. If you’re interested in the paranormal and looking for a group in the Philadelphia area, please apply via the form to the right. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the shadows!

Rebecca M Lynch
Lead Investigator/Founder
Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania

News and Announcements


Apologies for the super quiet past couple months – SPIRT has been on a sort of social media hiatus while Rebecca and Eric enjoy their new baby.  But rest assured friends, we’re still an active team and looking forward to many more nights of investigation and paranormal activity ahead!


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Busy Feb

We had three amazing cases in February! Despite the snow we were able to get out to two private residences and one public location.  Much thanks to all our investigators for all their hard work!

Now get on your audio review!!

Much Holiday Love!

SPIRT of PA has been busy this holiday season with some quality family time and great investigations.


We would like to wish all of you a safe and healthy holiday season and a prosperous new year!!

Thank you to Norwood and Glenolden Libraries!

SPIRT of PA would like to thank the Norwood and Glenolden Libraries for having us out to share our evidence and stories! We had an amazing time and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Check out facebook page for photos of the events!

Thank you Lansdowne Library

We would like to thank the staff at the Lansdowne Library for having us out to their first annual Fall Fest!  We had a great time telling ghost stories with the kids around the fire!