Meet the SPIRT of PA Team!

Rebecca M. Brumble

Founder/Lead Investigator

Rebecca has been interested in the paranormal since she was a small child. Her passion was solidified when her family moved into an apparently haunted house! As an investigator, she has been working in the field for over ten years and has been leading the SPIRT of PA team since inheriting the team in her sophomore year of college. She is proud of her team and of all of the work, professionalism and passion they put in to every case.

Outside of the paranormal, Rebecca is always hanging out with family and friends, studying Tae Kwon Do or working her 9 to 5 job as an internet content manager and freelance writer. She is also an avid history buff and loves the opportunity to visit many of the historical locations we visit in this field.

“See you in the shadows!”

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Jenn Baxter

Team Lead/Officer

Jenn is a lawyer in the Philadelphia area and has been interested in the paranormal for over 15 years. She has a degree in chemistry and enjoys using all kinds of technology while investigating.

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Scott Anderson


Scott joined SPIRT of PA at a Fort Mifflin fundraiser and has been our resident photography professional ever since!
Scott has just finished his first photography book about Fort Mifflin. Check it out here.

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Eric Brumble

Outreach Manager/Investigator

Eric has been involved in the paranormal for most of his adult life.  He had one of his most profound paranormal experiences at Fort Mifflin this past year.  He also enjoys looking at the paranormal from the “skeptical” point of view and considers himself a healthy skeptic.  After moving to Philly from the Boston area, he joined the Spirt team and took over the role of Outreach Manager.

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John Kurkis


John is a Computer Engineer for a financial services organization and has been in a number of South Jersey and Philadelphia area Paranormal groups in the last 6 years. “I have always believed in the possibility of ghosts and other unexplainable things and I thought this would be a great way to learn about them and at the same time help people who may need help in this area.” He is interested in using technology to communicate with the other side.

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“Pvt.” Bill Cahoe


Bill has been interested in the paranormal for many years,has lived in a few houses that have had activity.Bill builds Custom cars during the day and by the light of the moon is a singer in a country band.His view of the paranormal is “Searching for answers as all of us do and to hope those who need help understanding the paranormal phenomenon”.

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Kirk Schiller


I have had an interest in the Paranormal ever since I was a kid and read my first book on the Paranormal. Working for SPIRT allows me the opportunity to help and educate the people who are having problems with the Paranormal.
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Photo Coming Soon!

Cara Taylor


Cara’s Bio is coming soon!

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Leslie Conner McFadden


Leslie McFadden has been interested in the world of the paranormal since she encountered the spirit of her just-deceased grandfather at the age of 9. Her parents were at the hospital, and young Leslie simply knew her grandfather was only sick, but not in danger of dying. During the hour of his passing, he appeared to her while she was alone in the house. This did not frighten her; she felt comforted and happy that her Pop-pop had chosen her to “visit”. Since then, she has had other significant contact with the paranormal, and has recently been thrilled and grateful to use this sensitivity in joining the SPIRT Team!

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Kim Curry

Part Time Investigator

Kim has always been interested in the paranormal. She is happy to be part of the team along with her husband Jim whenever their five children let them out of the house!

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Jim “Skip” Curry

Part Time Investigator

Jim has always been interested in the paranormal. He is happy to be part of the team along with his wife Kim whenever their five children let them out of the house!

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