Below are a sampling of some of the Evidence we have collected during investigations.

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Public Locations

Burlington County Prison Museum

“Just Leave” Captured by a solo investigator in the Commons Room of the Prison Play
“Why” From the “Dungeon” (Solitary Confinement) Play
“It’s Connected” Two investigators heard the wooden table in the kitchen moving and while they were investigating the possible non-paranormal causes, recorded this EVP Play
“Stabbed to Death” Investigators were asking if the entity who was making contact in the “Dungeon” was stabbed to death. The actual response is under debate. Play

Fort Mifflin

Casemate 4 Photo This photo captures an entity which appears to stand between 6′ and 6’5″ in the doorway to Casemate 4. To view, and for complete specs on the situation in which the photo was taken and the camera, use the link to the left. Click to view
“Come Over here. Join Me.” Captured by a solo investigator in the Officer’s Quarters. Play
“Don’t Talk” One of our investigators asks “anyone here?” and got a response. Play
“Go Away Bitch” Captured by three investigators in Casemate 11 Play
French Captured in Casemate 5 – “Beh, Comment vous dire non?” (Well, how do I tell you no?). Thanks to Jean-Luc for the translation. Play
“Whistle and Drum Line” Captured by a solo investigator in the Commandant’s House. Listen for the drum line in the background Play

The Lazaretto Quarantine Hospital

“Mommy” Two investigators were in the Woman’s Ward and captured the voice of a little girl calling for her “Mommy” (right before the question “Can you make that noise again?”) and then unexplained music is also recorded. Play
“I am, Please leave” Captured on the 3rd floor of the main building, investigators were asking if anyone was in the room with them. Play
“Help me, please help” Solo investigator on the 2nd floor of the Woman’s Ward. Play
“Giggle” (Disembodied Voice) This giggle was recorded and heard several times during the night’s investigation. Play
“Coin Rolling” In the servant’s quarters/3rd floor of the Woman’s Ward – investigators recorded what sounds like a coin being rolled across a wood floor and then hitting something. (There was no movement at the time to create this sound) Play

Geddes Piper House – Kent County Historical Society

“It Moved” Captured in the attic after two investigators detected movement Play
“What’s he got?” Captured in the basement. Might also be “What’s that?” Play
“Scottie” Captured in the Basement Play

Private Residences

“Laughter” Listen for a deep male laughter Play
“Ghost Cat” Throughout the recording from this investigation, we kept getting what sounded like cat meows Play
“Crying” Listen for a voice which seems to sob during our conversation. (Has been suggested that this might be laughter) Play

All files are copyright SPIRT of PA and cannot be copied, reproduced or used for any public use without written permission from SPIRT of PA.