Application for Membership

Thank you for your interest in SPIRT of PA.

By filling in and submitting this form, the applicant agrees that they have read and understand the listed protocols and are requesting to become a full member of SPIRT of PA (Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania).

In order to be considered for membership, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • You must have access to your own transportation
  • You must be able to attend monthly meetings
  • You must be available on weekends to attend investigations
  • You must provide an active phone number and email address that you check regularly
  • You must fill the below form in completely

Please check the bottom of this page for all open positions within the team. While we are not always actively seeking membership, you are always welcome to apply.

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Paranormal Beliefs and Experience

Have you ever participated in a paranormal investigation?*  Yes No

If yes, was it part of a group?  Yes No

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Are we able to contact this group about your experience if needed?  Yes No

Have you ever encountered, or believe you encountered a ghost, spirit, entity, demon or anything else labeled paranormal?*  Yes No

If yes: Please describe a paranormal encounter from your past

Do you own any equipment that you would bring to an investigation?*  Yes No

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Are you able to separate the actual world of Paranormal Investigation from the world of Paranormal Investigation on television?*  Yes No

If our client requires complete confidentiality, would you be agreeable to signing a binding confidentiality agreement?*  Yes No


Are you able to attend a monthly meeting on a weeknight?*  Yes No

Are you available on nights and weekends for investigations?*  Yes No

Do you have your own transportation, or access to reliable transportation?*  Yes No

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*  Yes No

Would you be willing to submit to a background check (if requested)?*  Yes No

Do you have any abilities/skills/hobbies that would be beneficial to the group?
(Photography/ Psychology/ Research Skills/ Audio-Video Experience/ Networking-Computer Skills/ etc.)*  Yes No

If yes: Please list

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Current Open Positions:
We currently have no open positions available for Investigators.  Please check back again soon.