SPIRT of PA gets asked a lot of questions from prospective clients, other paranormal investigators and people who are interested in the paranormal. We have collected a list of the most commonly asked questions and answered them here…

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  • How do I tell if my location is haunted?

    There are a lot of different signs that a location may be haunted including (but not limited to) unexplained noises, movement and shadows, object movement and levitation, doors which open and close without reason, unexplained voices, unexplained smells and unexplained mood changes in specific areas.

  • I think my house may be haunted, am I crazy? What should I do?

    If you have reason to believe your house is haunted, we recommend that you document your evidence. This will give you good details to share with a paranormal team if you reach out to them for advice. It will also allow you to review the evidence and look for common patterns and recurring situations which will help to rule out “false positives” and common house settling and similar natural situations.

  • What will a paranormal group do to help with my situation?

    A paranormal group will help you sort through the occurrences in your location to help determine if you truly have a haunting or something that may be solved with a little home maintenance. Groups should also be available to offer you advice and guidance on how best to approach and deal with a situation and ultimately will investigate the case to determine the specifics of what is going on the in location.

  • Are all “hauntings” the same?

    All “hauntings” are not the same. Each case is unique and needs to be dealt with in a personalized and unique fashion. Some cases may require a more hands-on investigation while another may require the location owner to simply stand up to the spirit and demand their home back. An initial interview/meeting with a paranormal group should help you determine the best course of action for each unique case.

  • What natural/household events can cause “false positives” so I think I have a haunting?

    “False Positives” can be cause by anything from banging pipes and leaky valves in plumbing to ungrounded and old wiring and high EMF to high concentrations of mold and mildew in a location. Shadows and movement can be caused by passing cars or reflective surfaces.

  • How do I get into the field of Paranormal Investigation and Research?

    The first step for any potential investigator is to read. Pick up books on the subject and get as much knowledge as possible. There is a lot more to this field than standing in the dark and asking EVP questions. You need to learn to deal with clients who are sometimes in desperate situations and at their wit’s end. You need to know basics about electrical and plumbing systems and have a passing knowledge of general construction and history. You need to learn how to do historical and genealogical research as well. A lot of this information can be found in books on the paranormal. Knowledge about the equipment and investigation techniques will come later. Once you have done some background reading, you need to look into all the local groups in the area. Each group has a different methodology and manner of investigating. You need to find the group which works best with your own thoughts and opinions on the paranormal. Once you have found a group, apply to become a member. Each interview, training and membership process is a little different so be sure you know what they expect before you apply or accept membership. Once you have been accepted into a group, you will go through their training process and become a paranormal investigator.

  • How much do you get paid as a Paranormal Investigator?

    Paranormal Investigators do this as a hobby (with the rare exception of those on TV!) and do not get paid for what they do. We do this out of a passion for the paranormal and a personal drive to discover answers to our own burning questions.

  • Can a ghost follow me home if I visit a haunted house?

    While this is not unheard of, it is very rare. For a spirit to follow you home, they must form a very strong and unique bond with you – often because you remind them of a loved one, or friend. More often than not, spirits in a “haunted house” will not even notice your presence if you are just a casual guest. It is only after repeat visits or prolonged stays in a haunted location that they would notice your presence. And no, the old wives tale about “don’t trip on a gravestone or the spirit will follow you home” has never been proven as true.

  • Can objects or people themselves be haunted or is it only land or buildings?

    Anything can be haunted. While the most common haunting is of a building or specific piece of land, spirits have been known to attach themselves to objects which had great personal and sentimental value to them in life. These spirits travel with the object no matter where it goes. Spirits can also form attachments to people (This is not possession. That is a different thing), often because the person in question either reminds them of a long-gone loved one, is a family member, has lived in the location for a long time and has had direct frequent interaction with the spirit or if the person has strong psychic abilities. This situation is the most rare.


  • How do I become a member of your group?

    We are always accepting applications for dedicated and passionate investigators. If you feel like SPIRT of PA might be a good group for you, please submit an application here.

  • How long has your group been around?

    SPIRT of PA was formed in 2002 as a student organization at the University of Pittsburgh. After several years as Pittsburgh Night and a relocation to Philadelphia, the group formally became SPIRT of PA in the fall of 2008.

  • How experienced are the members of the group?

    Collectively SPIRT of PA has over 50 years of experience in the field of the paranormal. Many of our investigators have over 10 years experience in the field, while some of our newer members are just starting out. We have members who specialize in technology and equipment and have over 15 years of audio and video experience.

  • What areas does SPIRT of PA cover? How far will you travel for an investigation?

    SPIRT of PA officially covers eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and eastern Maryland. We have traveled as far as New York and western Pennsylvania for investigations. While we do not have an official “boundary” established, we base our acceptance of cases on drive time. If we can get to your location in under three hours, we will most likely accept the investigation. If, for some reason, SPIRT of PA is unable to accept the case due to distance, we will gladly refer you to a paranormal team which we are associated or friendly with which may be closer to your location.

  • How do I submit my location for SPIRT of PA to come and investigate?

    We have an online submission form for a location which you believe to be haunted. You can submit this form here.

  • I would like to help the group, how and what can donate? Does SPIRT of PA accept sponsors?

    SPIRT of PA is a not-for-profit organization. We do not charge for our services, nor do we suggest any kind of donation to our clients. However, if you wish to help support us in our paranormal research, we will gladly accept donations. Please click on the SPIRT of PA logo off of the main page’s right navigation box. It can be found under the “Support SPIRT of PA” header. We do, however, offer sponsorships for our annual charity event. Thank you in advance for your support of our group.

  • What makes SPIRT of PA different from other paranormal groups?

    SPIRT of PA prides itself on being 100% client oriented and professional. We approach each case with the intent to help the client get the answers and resolution that they need, sometimes at the expense of our own paranormal goals and answer-seeking. All of our investigators are dedicated to this field and have demonstrated a passion for what we are doing. We believe that this sets us apart from other paranormal groups.


  • Do you charge for investigations?

    All service of SPIRT of PA are free of charge – this includes our lectures as well as investigations.

  • What happens once I contact SPIRT of PA with my haunted location?

    Within 24 hours of reaching out to SPIRT of PA, you will be contacted by a member of our client relations team who will discuss your personal situation with you and set up a time when we can meet for a more in-depth meeting. After that meeting, we will determine if an on-site investigation is right for your situation.

  • Will SPIRT of PA come get rid of the ghosts in my house?

    It is impossible to promise that we will come in and completely clean out any spirits in your home, but we will do our best to make sure that the situation we leave our clients in is one where they feel 100% comfortable in their own home. We will do everything in our power to investigate the claims and come up with the best solution possible to resolve your specific claim. We have resources and contacts in the clergy and other places if the client wishes to have a home cleansed or blessed for their own piece of mind after our investigation is complete.

  • Why doesn’t SPIRT of PA use Ouija boards or do séances?

    It is our belief that these objects and ceremonies can cause more harm than good, especially when used improperly. You cannot fully predict if your session will result in contact with the already present entity or if it will conjure up a new entity and draw it into the home. That unpredictability and uncontrollable open-endedness puts our clients at risk, which is something we cannot do.

  • Will members of your group provoke and stir up the ghosts in my home?

    As a rule, SPIRT of PA does not use the technique of “provoking” (purposely riling up a spirit in the hopes of getting a more active response) during an investigation of a client’s home. In the rare case when provoking might be an option, it is only done with the client’s consent and by trained and experienced Team Leads. At the end of our investigation, whether provoking was used or not, we will make sure that the client is comfortable in the location before leaving the site.

  • I don’t want my personal information all over the internet! Will you keep all the information about my location private?

    SPIRT of PA has a strict confidentiality agreement that all of our investigators are bound by. During an investigation, a client has the option to choose between three confidentiality options which allow them to set the ultimate level of information which can be shared after an investigation. For private residences, it is our strict policy that no personal information, including street addresses, client names or location details which can be traced back to the location or client can be used in any capacity. All private residences will only ever be identified by city and state.

  • What type of equipment do you use on investigations?

    Our Equipment always varies depending on the case we are investigating.  Our investigators will primarily use digital voice recorders, digital cameras, 0Lux DVR system, and EMF detectors.

  • If SPIRT of PA comes to do an investigation, how long does it take for them to come back with the results of their investigation?

    Each case is different. For a location with a lot of area to cover, or a location where we spent more time than normal we may take a little longer to review all the evidence collected. As a rule it will take us about a week to review everything and reach out to a client to schedule a wrap-up meeting. Based on schedules, the wrap-up can occur anytime between one and three weeks after an investigation.

Other Events

  • Does SPIRT of PA offer any workshops or Ghost Hunting 101 classes?

    We do! More information will be coming on our website soon about the classes we offer and where they are being held.

  • How can I book SPIRT of PA for a lecture at my location?

    At this time, bookings can be emailed to our Lead Investigator Rebecca at rebecca@spirtofpa.com.

  • What is the “Charity Ghost Hunt” event?

    The charity ghost hunt is an annual event started in 2003 as a way for SPIRT of PA to give back to the community which has supported it through the year. Each year a charity is chosen as a benefactor and we host a public paranormal investigation. We sell tickets to allow the public to come and explore a famous public haunted location while being led by an experienced paranormal investigator. It is also a chance for the public to get some hands-on experience with equipment we use during investigations. All proceeds and donations from the event go to our chosen charity. For more information about this event, please visit the charity page on our website.

  • I am from the media, how do I get an interview or appearance with the group?

    We are glad to talk to any members of the media or schedule appearances and lectures for anyone. Please contact our Lead Investigator Rebecca by email.


  • I think I’ve gotten evidence of a ghost! Will SPIRT of PA review my photos, audio, or video clips?

    We would be glad to review anything you have and give you our honest opinion on it. You can submit it by email to evidencereview@spirtofpa.com.

  • I think I have pictures of some orbs! Are they spirits?

    Every paranormal investigator has a different opinion on orbs. Most orbs are simply dust, bugs, water vapor, cigarette smoke or breath. Sometimes things like loose hair or a camera strap get into the photo and create what investigators might mistake as a Light Rod. If you have a true orb and not one of the above natural occurrences, then we believe that what you have is a photo of energy in the air. It is not necessarily a spirit or entity but it may be a sign that one is gathering these pockets of energy to manifest itself. But on the other hand, they could be pockets of energy which occur naturally in the area. If you have photo you’d like us to review for possible orbs please email them to evidencereview@spirtofpa.com.

  • What does SPIRT of PA do with the evidence you collect on investigations?

    SPIRT of PA has a strict confidentiality clause for all investigations which may limit what we can do with evidence. As a general rule, our evidence is given to the client and stored in our archives. Select evidence might be used on our website or during lectures as examples and only with the client’s permission. All of our evidence might be used for internal experimentation and statistical research.

  • I hear a lot of paranormal terms on TV and on your site. What is an EVP? What is an EMF?

    We have a complete glossary of paranormal terms and definitions available here on our website.

  • I have a question that is not on this list, how do I contact you?

    If you have a question which was not addressed on this list, you can contact us via any of the methods found on our Contact Page. For the fastest response, please email us at contact@spirtofpa.com.