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The Paranormal Community is a tight-knit network of dedicated investigators, researchers, educators and history buffs.

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SPIRT is a proud member of:

Learn Reiki Philadelphia – Learn Reiki Philadelphia are amazing supporters of SPIRT of PA and the paranormal. We’ve learned a lot about unique and new techniques we’re able to incorporate in our investigations!
Para Reality Directory
My Ghost Network
Old Fort Mifflin Paranormal Investigator’s Society
North American Pyschic and Paranoraml Network
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The TAPS Family

If you’re not in the Eastern PA/Delaware area and are still looking for help – please visit our TAPS Family teams!
Vancouver Paranormal Society
TAPS Family

SPIRT is proudly listed on:

Botanica Pa – This local shop sells great religious items for personal protection and spiritual cleansing
GhostlyGateway Paranormal Search Engine And Directory’s Paranormal Group Directory
Angels and Ghosts’ Paranormal Directory
Para-Seek Paranormal, the Paranormal Search Engine
The Online Paranormal Society Directory – The Online Paranormal Society Directory

Haunted Places Investigator’s Directory
Ghost Files


Some of our favorite haunted locations:

Fort Mifflin on the Delaware
Chincoteague Island Ghost Adventures (They offer some amazing ghost tours!)
The Shanley Hotel
The Red Mill Museum
Eastern State Penitentiary

These Merchants donated to our Past Charity Events:

Paul Michael Kane Photography:

Shannon Sylvia, Ghost Hunters International

Craig McManus, Paranormal Investigator/Author:

James J. Battista, Jr. Graphic Design:

Jeff Belanger, Founder of  3 Year Sponsor!