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The Para­nor­mal Com­mu­nity is a tight-knit net­work of ded­i­cated inves­ti­ga­tors, researchers, edu­ca­tors and his­tory buffs.

Please take a moment to visit some of our friends in the para­nor­mal field!


SPIRT is a proud mem­ber of:

Learn Reiki Philadel­phia — Learn Reiki Philadel­phia are amaz­ing sup­port­ers of SPIRT of PA and the para­nor­mal. We’ve learned a lot about unique and new tech­niques we’re able to incor­po­rate in our investigations!
Para Real­ity Direc­tory
My Ghost Net­work
Old Fort Mif­flin Para­nor­mal Investigator’s Soci­ety
North Amer­i­can Pyschic and Para­noraml Net­work
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The TAPS Family

If you’re not in the East­ern PA/Delaware area and are still look­ing for help — please visit our TAPS Fam­ily teams!
Van­cou­ver Para­nor­mal Soci­ety
TAPS Fam­ily

SPIRT is proudly listed on:

Botan­ica Pa - This local shop sells great reli­gious items for per­sonal pro­tec­tion and spir­i­tual cleans­ing
Ghost­ly­Gate­way Para­nor­mal Search Engine And Direc­tory’s Para­nor­mal Group Direc­tory
Angels and Ghosts’ Para­nor­mal Direc­tory
Para-Seek Para­nor­mal, the Para­nor­mal Search Engine
The Online Paranormal Society Directory — The Online Para­nor­mal Soci­ety Direc­tory

Haunted Places Investigator’s Direc­tory
Ghost Files


Some of our favorite haunted locations:

Fort Mif­flin on the Delaware
Chin­coteague Island Ghost Adven­tures (They offer some amaz­ing ghost tours!)
The Shan­ley Hotel
The Red Mill Museum
East­ern State Penitentiary

These Mer­chants donated to our Past Char­ity Events:

Paul Michael Kane Pho­tog­ra­phy:

Shan­non Sylvia, Ghost Hunters International

Craig McManus, Para­nor­mal Investigator/Author:

James J. Bat­tista, Jr. Graphic Design:

Jeff Belanger, Founder of  3 Year Sponsor!