Thanks to Botanica PA for listing SPIRT of PA on their site and recommending us to their clients with paranormal problems. This great store has a unique selection of religious items for personal protection, spiritual cleansing and personal growth. We look forward to working with them in the future!

Always learning new things!

SPIRT of PA wants to thank our amazing friends Danielle and Lauren at Learn Reiki Philadelphia for the amazing classes and training we received this weekend. We learned a lot about energy healing and how we can use that to better aid our clients. We also learned a lot about the power of herbalism and crystals to help settle some of the more paranormal situations we may find ourselves or our clients in. We’re are very excited to be able to put this in to practice with some of our upcoming cases!

For more information about Reiki or Learn Reiki Philadelphia, please visit their website.

Busy Spring!

Thank you all for the amazing support of the SPIRT team! We have an awesome spring coming up. March is already booked solid with some Private Residence cases and we hope to do our best for those clients.

We also will be supporting an amazing event this October. Check back for more details soon!

We would like to apologize to everyone who applied for membership over the holidays!  We will be getting back to you shortly – we’re a little crazy with the holidays!

Looking forward to an amazing 2012

Hope your holidays were amazing!  SPIRT of PA is so excited to be gearing up for an amazing 2012.  We are already starting to book cases well in to the new year and looking forward to some amazing cases and conventions including Phenomenology 104, return investigations to some of our favorite spots and brand new cases!

Happy Holidays from SPRIT of PA!

Since the next couple days are probably going to be very busy, we’d like to take a moment and say Happy Holidays from all of us here on the SPIRT team. We appreciate your friendship and support and look forward to an amazing 2012!!